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The Number # 1 Challenge Ahead For Local Consultants In 2023
Businesses Worldwide Are Hesitant To Invest In Digital Services Because Of Their Continuously Shrinking Profit Margins
Small businesses must plan ahead
After the whole global pandemic situation, the world is now dealing with another thing: crazy inflation. It’s seriously becoming a big headache for the worldwide economy.

Prices are going wild across Europe and the US, giving local businesses a run for their money.

Now, these savvy business owners get the deal with marketing and how having a helping hand can be a game-changer.

But they’re a tad skeptical about throwing a bunch of cash into something like SEO that takes ages to show tangible results.

What they’re really after are services that can zip in and deliver that tangible goodness in no time, without making them break the bank.

Just making it work while they navigate these rollercoaster times!
The Not-So-Secret Local Service That Ticks All The Right Spots
If there is one local service whose value is apparent upfront, gives tremendous value in return, and is affordable for even the smallest local business, it is social media marketing.

Because it is, easily and decisively, the best way for any business to raise awareness and increase interest in their products or services.
of marketers report that their social media efforts have significantly increased exposure for their businesses
of marketers claim to have experienced a notable boost in website traffic
 of small businesses that use social media for marketing rely on organic (non-paid) content.
Businesses Need Your Help!
Most businesses drop the ball with social media marketing.
For lots of companies, keeping up with all that social media stuff eats up way too much time. And time?

 This is where things get interesting for you. Today, business owners are ready to shell out $1,000, $3,500, or even $5,000 (or maybe even more) to have someone else handle their social media game.
A Killer "Under The Radar" Way To Profit As A Consultant
For you, as a consultant, social media marketing can be an excellent foot-in-the-door strategy that opens up even more opportunities to sell your clients all kinds of services.

It has a low barrier to entry. You don’t need any upfront investment or extensive technical expertise. Plus, we are giving bonuses to help you with the fulfillment using AI, so no real work is involved.

As you have seen from the statistics above, there is also an extremely high demand for it.

On top of that, it provides excellent upselling opportunities; you can run ads for your clients, do their email marketing, create chatbots for them, and so on.
Facebook Has A Hidden List Of 60 Million Active Businesses…
As of 2021, Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly active users. There are over 60 million active business pages on Facebook. This indicates a massive market of businesses that could benefit from our social media marketing services.
Find Your Next Paying Client In 60 Seconds With Just 3 Simple Steps
Enter a keyphrase and location and let Our Real-Time AI Leads Discovery Model Set Your Business Growth On Fire

Enter a key phrase and location and start searching. You are now just a click away from witnessing the raw power of AI.

Let AI Expose hundreds of businesses with bad marketing scores, allowing you to cherry-pick and enrich only the ones seeking your services

Engage & Close
Use our AI Assistant to write your custom business proposals and easily reach out to prospectcs and close them from within the same dashboard.
Prospectr Linkedin Edition has already set a new standard in LinkedIn lead discovery.
Take your business growth to the next level with an exciting new dimension
Prospectr Facebook Edition
Find buyer leads on facebook
Prospectr dives deep into Facebook, revealing prospects that are not only waiting to be discovered but are also in dire need of your help with their marketing.
Facebook AI Lead Scoring
Use AI to pinpoint and prioritize top leads swiftly
Facebook AI Real-Time Lead Generation
Get ahead of your competition with instant access to AI-vetted ultra-high-quality leads at the push of a button.
AI Assistant
Create customized reports, proposals, and cold emails with the built-in AI assistant
Highly Targeted Facebook Leads
Double your sales by focusing on prospects genuinely interested in what you have to offer
Easy Lead Management
Organize leads according to your preferences to save time and prevent costly oversights.
Preloaded Facebook messenger scripts
Sometimes the first step is the hardest, so we’ve loaded your arsenal with pre-crafted, attention-grabbing Messenger scripts.
Instant Messenger Connection
Double your sales by focusing on prospects genuinely interested in what you have to offer
Desktop Calls via Twilio Integration
Simplify your workflow with our integrated Twilio desktop calling feature. Make clear calls directly from the Prospectr interface; no need to switch apps
Exhaustive Lead Data Suite
Get all the nitty-gritty details about each lead with our Exhaustive Lead Data Suite.
One-Click Email Outreach
Ditch the email hassle for good! Prospectr’s One-Click Email Outreach feature hooks you up with SMTP to shoot off personalized emails straight from the app.
Social Reviews Insight
Gain immediate access to reviews and ratings that give you an in-depth understanding of a business’s reputation.
Plus, to supercharge your success, we’re also including these exclusive bonuses:
Bonus 1
SMM Expert Kit
This bonus SMM Expert Kit will make prospects come to you for help with their social media marketing, even if you have no experience or credentials.

This kit is packed with top-notch, customizable content that instantly positions you as the expert.

You’ll be educating your prospects on practical ways to boost their local social media presence, earn their trust, and seal the deal.

It’s all done for you. Just edit, add your branding, and let it do its thing - win you clients 24/7.
Bonus 2
DFY SociTemplates
It’s time for action and delivering the service; to do that, you will need to create posts for your clients.

For this reason, you get access to a pack of meticulously curated social media post templates in the top 15 local niches like florists, plumbers, dentists, etc.

These templates can be customized easily in Canva per your and your clients’ needs.

Simply duplicate a template inside Canva and craft compelling posts for your clients in seconds.
Bonus 3
The Infinity Prompt
You also get the infinity prompt to help you take advantage of all the done-for-you templates above and simplify the entire fulfillment.

This little gem is your ticket to whipping up endless content for any niche you can think of. It’s like having an unlimited stash of ideas right at your fingertips. Imagine churning out loads of posts with zero sweat, all on your own.

Pair it up with the bonus templates above, and you’ll be cranking out months’ worth of content for your clients in just a few minutes.

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