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Prelaunch details
Prelaunch starts May 21st at 11 AM EST and the prelaunch webinars will happen May 23th at 02:00 PM & May 24th at 10 AM EST
Launch date
Early bird offer goes live May 24th at 11 AM EST
Closing date
Launch closes May 29th @ 12 PM EST
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We build high quality tools
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Discover the array of powerful features that AiChatAgents offers to maximize your affiliate earnings and revolutionize your customer engagement strategy.
Customizable Webhook Integration
Tailor webhook integrations with customizable fields to seamlessly send leads to platforms like GoHighLevel or Zapier, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced lead management.
Convertlead CRM Integration
Effortlessly integrate with Convertlead CRM to send generated lead or customer data directly, streamlining your CRM processes and boosting your efficiency.
Easy Customization, Setup, and Embedding
Experience hassle-free customization, setup, and embedding with AiChatAgents. With intuitive interfaces and straightforward instructions, you can effortlessly tailor your agents, set up integrations, and embed chat widgets on your website or platform in minutes, saving time and streamlining your workflow
Personalized Data Collection
Provide custom instructions on how and when to prompt customers for their email addresses and names, optimizing your lead generation efforts and improving data accuracy.
Brand Customization Options
Customize every aspect of your chat widget's appearance, from uploading logos to changing colors and button texts, ensuring seamless brand integration and enhancing user experience
Customized Greeting Instructions
Provide specific instructions on how to greet your customers, ensuring a personalized and welcoming interaction from the outset, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement
Human-Like Interactions
Enable your agents to engage with customers in a human-like manner, utilizing advanced AI capabilities to understand and respond to queries naturally, fostering genuine connections and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Document-Based Agent Training
Upload documents and train your agents with any relevant information, empowering them to intelligently use this knowledge during chat conversations, improving customer interactions.
Live Conversation Monitoring
Monitor conversation history in real-time and assess your agents' performance live, enabling quick adjustments and ensuring consistent quality customer service
OpenAI API Integration
Utilize your own OpenAI API key to unlock unlimited potential and remove all limitations, empowering your agents with advanced AI capabilities and maximizing their effectiveness
Effortless Widget Embedding
Easily embed your AI chat widget anywhere online with a simple copy and paste line of code, expanding your reach and engagement effortlessly
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Unlock your custom openAI integration and get rid of any limitation and add 10 agents.
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AI Pages Commercial
Build pages and websites for you and your clients using artificial intelligence
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Prospectrfb edition
Expose millions of buyer leads with prospectr facebook/meta edition - 10000 credits.
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Full access to our Convertlead CRM, Automation and Lead Management platform
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AiChatAgents is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to revolutionize their sales, leadgen or customer engagement and boost their bottom line. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a budding entrepreneur, AiChatAgents empowers you to:
Digital Marketing Agencies
Streamline lead generation and customer support processes for clients with customizable chat agents, enhancing service quality and client satisfaction.Streamline lead generation.Enhance client supportScale operations efficiently
E-commerce Stores
Enhance the shopping experience with personalized product recommendations and instant support, driving conversions and fostering customer loyalty.Personalize shopping experiences.Provide instant support.Increase sales conversions.
Online Coaches and Consultants
Automate lead generation and appointment scheduling, freeing up time to focus on delivering value to clients and growing your business.Automate lead capture.Deliver personalized support.Focus on high-value tasks.
SaaS Companies
Provide proactive customer support and drive user engagement with AI-powered chat agents, reducing churn and maximizing customer lifetime value.
Local Businesses
Improve customer service and generate leads round-the-clock with automated chat agents, strengthening brand reputation and driving revenue growth.Generate leads 24/7.Improve customer service.Enhance brand reputation.
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Mega - Appsumo user

Man, these guys were amazing they have helped me more than once get my system set up perfectly. This system has really good potential as far as lead generation so I’m really excited.

7h ago
Tiberio Priean - Agency owner

Prospectr rocks! The one-click access to Messenger and the website presence check are helping me tremendously scale my outreach  campaigns for my web design agency.

3 days ago
Ciprian M. - Photographer and Video Producer

I used to spend hours scrolling through social media trying to find potential Facebook pages for my social media posting services.

Prospectr is saving me so much time, it’s unreal. The prospecting score is superb and already helping me avoid the leads that likely won’t respond back. Definitely recommend it.

7 days ago
Ali Akhbar - Entrepreneur & Email Marketer

The AI widget is great. I can quickly whip up cold emails and generate copy for my landing pages and it saves me a tremendous amount of time.

I would also like to give a special mention to Alex, who has been incredibly responsive and helpful every time I reached out, even with some questions that may seem silly at times.

2h ago
How it works
Unleash the power of AI-driven customer engagement and streamline your workflow in these three straightforward step:
Step 1: Customize Your AI AgentUpload documents or scripts to train your AI agents with the knowledge and behavior you desire. Define how they interact, collect leads, and represent your brand.
Step 2: Integration and DeploymentIntegrate your AI agents with platforms like GoHighLevel and Zapier effortlessly. Once trained, embed them with a simple copy-paste code onto your website or platform.
Step 3: Monitoring and OptimizationKeep track of your AI agents' performance with live conversation monitoring. Analyze interactions, tweak settings, and optimize their behavior to ensure maximum effectiveness.
Proven track record
This is a high quality product coming from the creators of Prospectrin, LeadsGorilla AI, Localio AI, Mapify360, Creativio AI and more. We have a proven track record and elite industry experience and all marketers that we worked with in the past can vouch for us and our high quality & high converting product launches. . 
Over 30 POTD Awards in the last 5 yearsAll our launches have been awarded POTD in the last 5 years.
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We've been constantly awarded Jvzoo top affiliate of the YEAR for the last few years
Up to 29% FE Conversions
Our products and funnels convert. Guaranteed 5 figure promo if you do a minimum 3-day campaign
Over $2.500.000 paid in commissionsOur products sell like crazy and all marketers that we worked with in the past can vouch for us
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